All About Me

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My Name is Mary Lujan, and I am the driving force behind Lulu's Liberty. I Joined the Navy at 22 and turned 23 in basic. I thought I was too old or too late to start my life over, But in September of 2007 I did. The Navy saved my life. After leaving home, Manteca, California, I never wanted to look back, that is until I felt as if I had made a change within myself. After 13 years of the Navy I was Blessed to have known so many wonderful people whom I call family today. I love the Military and what it has given me. I wanted to stay connected in some way and that is how Lulu's Liberty was born. What I do now is so much  more than just a Job, it's something I picture myself doing for years to come because it allows me to create beautiful gifts for our service women. 

I have gone back "home" to Manteca, I have appreciated where I have Began in life and seen what I wanted to leave behind and realized it was not Manteca that was the problem it was just me needing more. I am now in Arizona with my beautiful family. Creating this box is my way of giving back to those who serve and supporting all of the amazing Women in Uniform.