All About Me

My Name is Mary Lujan, and I am the driving force behind Lulu's Liberty. I Joined the Navy September 11, 2007.  I love the Military and what it has given me. I wanted to stay connected in some way after separating in April of 2021 after 14 years of service and that is how Lulu's Liberty was born. I served as an Aviation Ordnanceman. I had been stationed at four different duty stations and loved every single one of them. What I do now is so much more than just a Job, it's something I picture myself doing for years to come, because it allows me to create beautiful gifts for our service women. We highly encourage families to sponsor their service members. There is still so much I want to accomplish in life, and I encourage every service member to take advantage of the benefits as I did. I am currently a college student, a history major and hope to one day teach. For Lulu's Liberty, my goal is to ensure every Woman in uniform feels appreciated. Not all service members receive a care package while deployed or stationed overseas. LET'S CHANGE THAT. 



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