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 Hello and Thank You

What is our mission? Our mission is to reach as many Women as possible in uniform to remind them that they are appreciated. With the help of our community, we can accomplish so much, including sending as many care packages as possible. What so many don't already know is that Women deployed have gone so long without the everyday items they need. Our care packages are designed for Women in uniform. I have served on an aircraft carrier as well as on an isolated island. There are products and self-care items that are not provided. This is our goal. TO MAKE SURE EVERY WOMAN receives a care package of items she needs!

 The idea of Lulu's liberty Facebook group is to mentor, lead and inspire each other still in a leadership and the younger generation. We have many discussions and encourage positive opinions and discuss our own struggles in order to help others who may experience the same thing. So many of us have been asked about our husband's service as we ask to use our military discount, or park in a Veteran parking spot! So many of us are asked about how we are expected to serve and be a mother! WHY? LETS TALK ABOUT IT! JOIN THE GROUP! 

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